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Discover Wellness Efforts You Can Implement in Your Health Club


LOS ANGELES, California – August 2, 2017
The idea of implementing wellness programming into your fitness facility may seem abstract and overwhelming, but these sessions at the Club Industry Show can give you concrete examples and take-aways that allow you to implement wellness programs or take your existing wellness programs to the next level.

We’ve all heard how wellness is the future of the fitness industry, but the word “wellness” seems to have different connotations for many people, and the idea of how to take that idea and implement it in your fitness facility may seem abstract and overwhelming. That’s why we developed the Wellness track at the Club Industry Show three years ago, and that’s why we have expanded our education offerings on this topic at this year’s show, Oct. 4-6 at the Hilton Chicago.

This year’s wellness sessions offer a little something for everyone—those thinking about getting into medical wellness, those already involved in medical wellness but who need guidance on how to take their efforts to the next level, and those interested in getting into corporate wellness.

If you are exploring the idea of getting into medical wellness, you can receive an overarching guide to the process as well as hear from one club operator who has been where you are and is now making a success of medical wellness. So, if you want to test the waters, put these two sessions on your agenda.

The Medical Fitness Difference: What Difference Does It Make?
Find out why you should incorporate fitness and exercise as important components of the care and treatment of people within a population health framework. Plus, learn how to begin developing referral relationships with the local medical community and the importance of collecting outcomes data.

Integrating Wellness into Your Facility: The Whys and Hows and the Why Nots
In this presentation hear about how The Atlantic Club transitioned from a successful health and fitness facility to an even more successful center that focuses on health and wellness as a medically certified commercial club.

If you are already entrenched in medical wellness but want to know where to go next in the market, these five sessions will help guide you.

Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness
The primary objectives of this session are to share how to bring the experts in healthcare together with the experts in fitness to begin working together and how doing so can build your bottom line with lower attrition and higher retention of both members and staff.

Less Medicine, More Health: Coaching as a Key Driver to Integrate Lifestyle Medicine into Your Fitness Facility
This presentation will review the current status and future trends of population health efforts and build a case for the inclusion of health coaching in the primary care model and medically integrated fitness facilities for individuals with chronic health conditions. The Summit Medical Fitness Center’s Journey to Wellness Program for individuals with chronic health conditions will be reviewed and outcome data shared from more than 1,700 people who have been referred to the program.

Exercise is Medicine: A Game Plan for Linking Health Clubs and Healthcare
This session will share details on Exercise is Medicine, a global health initiative focused on routine assessment and prescription of physical activity by healthcare providers including connecting patients to qualified fitness professionals, especially within health clubs in their communities. Find out the essentials for how health club operators can become connected with the healthcare community, thereby empowering their clubs in not only providing a valuable service but also creating more clients and customers.

Wellness and the Art of Strategy
In this session, learn about how implementing wellness programming works with your brand and facilities. Find out how a mission statement changed the course of Gainesville Health & Fitness (GHF); how physical therapy, personal training, senior, pool, special needs and fat loss programs were implemented at GHF; and how marketing strategically allowed GHF to serve its membership and its community.

Wellness Program Integration in Your Facility
Several of the speakers during the day’s session will sit on this panel and discuss current trends in developing and managing wellness facilities and/or wellness programs. They will share how they successfully integrated various wellness components into their operating models and have established effective medical referral networks.

All of the sessions above are on Wednesday, Oct. 4, so if you only have one day to spare, you can come that day with a single-day ticket.

However, if you buy a single-day ticket, you’ll miss out on some additional great content.

The conference’s Marketing track includes a session on how to market your wellness programs. Find out more by attending this session:

Marketing Medical Wellness Programs

In this session, learn how to:
• Discover new opportunities and benefits for medical wellness marketing/branding
• Learn best strategies to market your facility/services to your medical community
• Win support and credibility with your community doctors and providers
• Learn new trends for medical wellness, physical therapy, fitness and spas
• Develop new partners with doctors, clinics and healthcare providers
• Gain new members with incentives, referrals, post-therapy and treatments
• Discover how to best market health screenings, physical & occupational therapy

We aren’t limiting our wellness presentations to medical wellness. If you are interested in where corporate wellness could take your facility, register for these corporate wellness sessions at this year’s show.

How to Get Your First Corporate Fitness Contract in 30 Days or Less
This presentation will show trainers the exact easy-to-follow steps used to acquire lucrative corporate wellness contracts. When implemented correctly, trainers can transform their business within a month’s time.

The New Frontier in Employee Wellness
This session will focus on the shift from the traditional employee wellness approach to employee wellbeing as the new frontier in population health management. Learn what companies will be looking for from fitness and wellness partners in the new frontier and why it’s important that club operators have an employee wellbeing program for their employees.

Corporate Fitness Solutions for Every Size Business
Onsite corporate fitness is a booming industry. This session will share a step-by-step process of corporate client acquisition, marketing materials, training programs and pricing models.

Maximizing Corporate Fitness Opportunities for Healthcare Cost Savings
In this session, find out how a well-conceived corporate wellness program can offer corporate clients the opportunity to save on their healthcare insurance costs, a savings that can be reinvested in the facility through membership reimbursement and ancillary fee-based fitness services. This seminar will walk you through the building blocks of setting up your facility’s corporate programs and the relationships to utilize them.

New Trends in Corporate Fitness and Wellness: Airports and Multi-Tenant Spaces
Multi-tenant office complexes, airports and malls are the new trend in corporate wellness. In this session, you will learn the benefits of sharing resources and providing new services while you become a leader in reshaping corporate wellness by combining incentives, programming and fitness.

With all this wellness content in one place, why wouldn’t you come? Register now, and if you bring five or more people from your company (and register everyone at the same time), you can get a group discount on all-access conference passes as well as single day passes. Register here.

The Wellness track is sponsored by Genavix, Silver Sneakers by Tivity Health, MedPro Wellness, H2 Wellness and the Medical Fitness Association

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