Experience & Expertise. From Concept to Launch.. and Beyond

Experience & Expertise
From concept to launch..
and beyond


Health and behavioral insights, trends, predictions make decision support simpler, faster and ultimately more accurate – translating to improved health outcomes and benefits to the business. Discover new trends, product or service ideas, and identify key intervention points to positively affect your goals..


Technical integrations are often required for continuity and control. The h2 Connect Platform is built to integrate with virtually any prevailing software system, database, or application with Single-Sign-On solutions.  With more than 90 different software systems, mobile apps, wearable devices, scales, and digitally connected exercise machines – we are actively dedicated to continuous integrations.


Depending on what your company may need, our experienced teams offer a range of support services, including: service desk, technical, incident management, network management, hosting, database, and client support services.


Knowing what modules to deploy isn’t always obvious. Gain greater value from our experience, market research and user analysis by configuring the right modules together from the h2 Connect Platform. Our product strategists and user experience specialists guide our clients in making the best decisions, while our technical architects configure the specified system.


Ultimate architectural flexibility. Essential expertise and experience. Acute efficiency. With over a decade of experience in customizing our platform across multiple health-related industries, our system has been built to deliver precisely on the functional elements, visual design, and user experience envisioned by our clients.


Our thorough training equips our clients with the proficiency to use all aspects of the system, while providing them the aptitude required for direct user interactions and training.  We provide on-site services, e-learning services, live web conference services, and instructional help screens.

Internationalization & Localization

As the world got smaller, our technology got smarter. We support multi-national and global brands with the ability to translate content in more than 70 different languages. In addition, we can modify user flows based on cultural requirements and filtered database components.