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The h2 connect Platform is a modularized, scalable and secure digital health platform that connects behavioral science and individual data sets into a personalized health portal (web and mobile) that drives individuals to their goals, while delivering on key business objectives.

One platform. Countless possibilities.

Customized to the objectives of our clients and personalized to meet the needs of individual end-users – each expression of our technology is a unique and immersive experience that engages individuals across a variety of health sectors.

The result? A custom built, privately branded, unique digital health and lifestyle ecosystem — delivered at a fraction of the time and cost of usual development.

Select, Configure, or Customize Any of the Following Modules

Assessments & Diagnostics

Understanding each person’s unique health goals, needs and motivations is essential to creating a personalized, effective, and timely intervention. Our interactive assessment tools make it possible to deliver intelligent, targeted recommendations to each user that encompass a wide range of lifestyle health. In addition, we offer separate diagnostic data modules that make it possible to input, integrate, and visualize data from 3rd party providers.

Health & Lifestyle

Helping people lead healthier lives is at the core of what we do. We start with big picture goals and then translate them into smaller actions across a range of health and lifestyle areas. The result: we help make the process of lifestyle change more achievable and sustainable over time.

It’s time to take your medication.


When technology and behavioral science converge, a deeper connection develops. Our fully scalable, and robust Coaching solutions are driven by a deep understanding of human behavior, and what it takes to change it for the better. Instead of demanding the user to meet us on our terms, we engage them on theirs, using technology that facilitates 24/7 interaction based on completely flexible and configurable parameters, models, and objectives.

Motivation & Support

Getting users to stay motivated, and on plan, is essential to your success. Our suite of powerful tools are designed to help keep people engaged; make social connections; gain support; and celebrate the journey and the outcomes.


Our secure and private communication tools are essential to improve your customer connections, relationships, retention, and service while improving staff productivity.


h2 helps increase product sales by making the buying experience simple, personal, and timely. How? By making “smart,” contextual recommendations at just the right time and place; ensuring proper utilization of the products throughout the course; and driving effective re-order, renewal and/or cross-selling opportunities.

Tracking Tools

Choose from an array of sophisticated tracking tools across a range of areas, including: biometrics, vitals, quality of life, and vices. Streamlined data visualization helps users track, understand, and share their progress (with a clinician, coach, trainer, etc.). Wearable device integrations are all coaching enabled.


Our robust administrative modules allow for business control and continuity of your content, programs and logic. With varied access and permission levels, organizations can delegate and manage roles and responsibilities.

Records & Reporting

Configurable record management parameters and user access levels designed to complement your objectives and approach. Allow users to setup their own accounts, profiles, and preferences as well as access and manage their personal health records.


Our wearable, medical, and digitally connected device integrations provide universal access to information and data required for effective interventions, mobility, and access – establishing a complete health destination for each individual.