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Health Dialog Announces Interact Personal Health Portal

BOSTON, Massachusetts—June 22, 2016
Capitalizing on two decades of clinical and behavioral health insights and the most advanced technology, Interact can engage an entire population—from sick to well—in better managing their health for improved outcomes and lower costs.

Rite Aid to offer the portal to eligible associates

Health Dialog, a leading provider of population health management services, announced today the availability of its Interact personal health portal. Based on more than 20 years of analytics and health coaching experience, the new portal maximizes patient engagement by delivering highly personalized health content and resources along with live coaching to the right person at the right time. The portal is available to risk-bearing organizations seeking a fully integrated, cost-effective way to engage an entire population in changing their behavior to achieve their health improvement goals.

Rite Aid, one of the nation’s leading drugstore chains and Health Dialog’s parent company, will offer the personal health portal to eligible associates starting later this summer.

The Interact portal uses Care Pathways, Health Dialog’s proprietary analytics framework, to stratify individuals into one of nine stages based on their progression from wellness to disease as it relates to the most common medical conditions. This enables Health Dialog to deliver personalized interventions to individuals in each stage that help prevent or delay disease progression. Interact facilitates delivery of these interventions in the most cost-effective manner, which in turn helps risk-bearing entities improve the health of the populations they serve while reducing overall costs.

“Our new portal maximizes patient engagement through a unique combination of proprietary analytics and multi-channel communications capabilities,” said Web Golinkin, Chief Executive Officer of Health Dialog. “By engaging individuals exactly where they are in their health journey and using a combination of digital, telephonic and in-person channels to reach them in the most cost-effective manner, we help achieve better outcomes for third-party payers and their members, patients and employees.”

Health Dialog’s new portal was developed in partnership with h2 wellness™, a 10-year-old company with a deep understanding of how to leverage technology in ways that influence human behavior and help improve the health of a population.

“Many health and wellness initiatives today focus on tracking behavior not changing it. It is the shared goal of creating a portal that will empower consumers to change their behavior in ways that will improve their health and well-being that initially brought h2 and Health Dialog together,” said Hooman Fakki, Chief Executive Officer of h2 wellness.

The Interact portal not only provides individuals with easy access to a wide variety of health information and resources, it also breaks new ground by pushing personalized information to its users through multiple channels. It is available to health plans, risk-bearing providers and self-insured employers seeking an integrated, one-vendor solution for engaging an entire population—from sick to well—in better managing their health. 

Using Interact, individuals can:

  • Access personalized disease management programs and wellness tools to help manage a wide range of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease or achieve lifestyle goals such as weight loss and smoking cessation.
  • Use Shared decision making (SDM) tools to make better, more informed health choices. Health Dialog’s Shared decision making resources have collectively earned the company more than 100 industry awards for content, ease-of-use and design. Studies show that people who use these tools tend to choose less invasive care and report being more satisfied with both their care and their health plan, which translates to better health outcomes and reduced costs for both individuals and organizations.
  • Participate in health and wellness activities using their preferred delivery method. Individuals can access health information and coaches via online and mobile channels as well as via telephonic and in-person channels, ensuring that they engage with content in a manner that works best for them and is most cost-effective for sponsoring organizations.
  • Upload data from 180 wellness devices and apps, including popular fitness wearables such as Fitbit, Jawbone and MapMyRun. Patients managing a chronic condition can integrate specialized devices such as glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, heart rate monitors and scales.
  • Participate fully in a personalized and incentivized path to better health by creating a customized health action plan and registering for notifications, reminders and incentives. Users can also accept a wellness challenge and seek support from social networks and forums.


About Health Dialog

Health Dialog Services Corporation is a leading provider of population health management solutions. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD), the company works with the nation’s largest health plans, employers and providers to improve the health and wellness of their members, employees, patients and customers while reducing costs and improving performance in key quality measures, such as NCQA’s HEDIS and CMS’ Stars ratings. Health Dialog’s unique capabilities include data analytics, a multi-channel coaching platform, shared decision-making tools and a 24/7 nurse line. For more information, visit

About h2 wellness

Founded in 2005, h2 wellness is a cloud-based, population health and engagement company that allows health and wellness brands worldwide to improve the lives of their customers and increase customer satisfaction, retention and revenues. Its platform helps clients provide their customers with innovative digital tools and coaching in a cost-effective, timely manner, eliminating the risk of software development and ongoing maintenance. h2’s platform is used by millions of consumers in 15 countries and nine languages, as offered by leading companies in the healthcare, wellness, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and corporate health markets. For more information, visit


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